Vibratory Scrap Feeder / Furnace Charger

Filtech International's Vibratory Scrap Feeder / Furnace Charger

The demand for high quality foundry products and their cost effective production places high demands for furnace charging equipment’s in foundries.

To meets the market needs Filtech International introduced its state of art machine “Vibratory Furnace Feeder/Charger” today’s most technologically advanced induction furnace charger. Vibratory Scrap Charger is the most effective solution for the problems like high labor cost, low time efficiency and other operational challenges faced in foundries.

Vibratory Scrap Fedder
Atomatic Industcion Funrace Charger
Vibratory Furnace Charger

Components of Vibratory Scrap Feeder

  • Customized storage hopper of required capacity.
  • Moving carriage with driving arrangement.
  • Control panel for Operating the System.
  •  Cable reeling drum / Cable Drag Chain.

Features of Vibratory Furnace Feeder

  • Heavy duty vibratory feeder is designed for 24/7, 365 operation with little maintenance.
  • Two-mass natural frequency charge feeder design requires very little energy to operate, reducing your energy cost.
  • Variable speed material discharge.
  • With a capacity of charging ten(10) tons per hour.
  • Low noise during loading and unloading of the vibratory feeder.

Advantages of Shaker Furnace Feeder

  • Fast Charging.
  • Extremely controlled charging.
  • Prevents damage to the furnace lining.
  • No direct exposure of manpower to the furnace.
  • Minimum heat loss of the furnace.

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