Filtech Services

Our Services

Filtech provides a full line of maintenance services for your dust collector, Bag house or cartridge collectors. We not only supply the replacement elements: we can remove and replace the existing elements under a schedule or emergency shutdown. Our crews are seasoned dust collector specialist that know and understand the importance of removing and replacing filter elements safely, properly and in a timely fashion.

Troubleshooting is the “key”. These are many considerations necessary if you are to get the most out of your filters.

With more than I4 year’s experience, our personalized service includes bag house inspection reports that detail current conditions in each unit and locate potential problems before they elevate to emergency status. Acting preventively, rather than reactively, your overall maintenance costs remain Iow. We’re good at troubleshooting, with minimal downtime.

It’s what we do best. Our highly experienced staff, Evaluates and solves problems fast, putting you best in service from routine inspections to a new Bag house, we offer a complete range of Services. Our Held engineering experts can update your equipment to the latest technology available, improving performance and reducing the cost of operating your bag house.