Synthetic Fiber HVAC Pocket Filter

Filtech International's HVAC Pocket Filter

Pocket filters are the most common air filters in HVAC systems for industrial and commercial applications as well as for residential use to improve indoor air quality and comfort. The filters in the supply air are used as first and second filter stages, either as complete filtration solutions for these applications or as prefilters for cleanroom process applications. The filters are also used in the exhaust air or in recirculation systems to protect the air handling units. Pocket filters have a significantly higher dust holding capacity and longer lifetimes than other filters.

extended surface pocket filter
synthatic fiber filters

Pocket filters are a common type of air filter used in various industries, including HVAC and dust collection. They are designed to capture particulate matter from the air, improving the air quality and protecting equipment and workers from harmful pollutants.

The filter media used in pocket filters can be made from various synthetic fibers, including fiberglass, polyester, and polypropylene. The fibers are typically arranged in a pleated design, maximizing the filter’s surface area and filtration performance. The pleat spacing, depth, and count can all affect the filter’s pressure drop, airflow, and dust holding capacity.

Filter efficiency is a critical factor to consider when selecting pocket filters. The filter’s MERV rating is a standard measure of its filtration performance, with higher ratings indicating higher efficiency. The filter efficiency can also be affected by the electrostatic charge applied to the fibers, which can attract and capture smaller particles.

Pocket filters must be designed to withstand various environmental conditions, including moisture, temperature, and chemicals. The filter frame materials, such as galvanized steel, aluminum, or plastic, can also affect its durability and sustainability.

Proper filter maintenance and replacement are essential to ensure continued filtration performance and reduce energy costs. Testing the filter efficiency, particle size distribution, and face velocity can help determine when it is time to replace the filter. High-efficiency filters, such as HEPA filters, can also be used to capture even smaller particles.

In conclusion, pocket filters are a reliable and efficient solution for air filtration needs. Understanding the various factors affecting their performance, such as filter media, efficiency, and maintenance, can help ensure optimal filtration and protect equipment and personnel from harmful pollutants.

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Selection Chart for Pocket Filter Selection

ClassificationDust Spot EfficiencyUS ASHRAE 52.2EU EN779 ClassTypical Controlled ContaminantApplication
PRE Filter (G Class)AFI<65%MERV 1G1Am<65%Particle bigger than 10.0µm
(pollen) (Spanish moss) (Dust mites) (Standing dust) (Spray paint dust) (Textile fibers)
Gross filter, domestic and commercial use
AFI 65%-70%MERV 2G265%≤Am<80%
AFI 70%-75%MERV 3
AFI 75%-80%MERV 4
AFI 80%-85%MERV 5G380%≤Am<90%Particle size within 3.0µm-10.0µm
(Mold) (Spores) (Hair spray) (Cement dust) (Snuff) (Powdered milk)
Commercial, Industrial, Paint Shop use
AFI 85%-90%MERV 6
NBS 25%-30%MERV 7G490%≤Am
NBS 30%-35%MERV 8
Medium Filter (F Class)NBS 40%-45%MERV 9F540%≤Em<60%Particle Size within 1.0µm-3.0µm

(Lead dust) (Milled flour) (Coal dust) (Auto emissions) (Nebulizer drops) (Welding fumes)
IAQ concerned commercial, industrial & medical use
NBS 50%-55%MERV 10
NBS 60%-65%MERV 11F660%≤Em<80%
NBS 70%-75%MERV 12
NBS 80%-85%MERV 13F780%≤Em<90%Particle Size within 0.3µm-1.0µm
(All bacteria) (Cooking oil) (Most smoke) (Copier toner) (Most face powders) (Most paint pigments)
IAQ concerned commercial, industrial, medical, food etc. use
NBS 90%-95%MERV 14F890%≤Em<95%
NBS>95%MERV 15F995%≤Em