Filter Cages and Ventures

Filter Cages

We manufacture a complete range of standard and non-standard cage designs to suit our customer’s needs by fitting properly in filter bags. We use our high-tech spot welding and electroplating facilities to provide you with the quality you deserve.

We offer Zinc Electroplating for rust-free cages and Silicon Paint Coating for high temperature high temperature resistant applications.

The frame of the cage is very important for ensuring a longer filter bag life and smooth operation. It is directly responsible for the quality of filtration and service life of bag filters. We use advanced technologies to ensure light weight, smooth, and straight filter bag cages.

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Available Finishes for Dust Collector Cages

  • Acid Resistant Finish (ACRF)
  • Silicone Oil / Graphite / PTFE Finish (SGTF)
  • Chemical Resistant Finish (CRF)
  • Abrasion Resistant Finish (ARF)
  • Water Repellent Finish (WRF)
  • Anti Static Finishes (ASF)


The Venturi is primarily responsible for inducing secondary airflow. When the filter bag is being cleaned, The high-speed Air Flow Passes through Venturies before passing through bag house filters 5-8 times, which causes the filter bag to expand efficiently and clean dust from it.

Venturies reduce the need for compressed air for cleaning the filter bags thus resulting in energy savings.

Filter cages and Venturies
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