Dust/Smoke Collector | Bag House

Filtech International's Dust/Smoke Collector | Bag House

Filtech International has been involved in the manufacturing of customized Air Pollution Control Systems since 1999. We design our dust collectors using latest technologies and high grade materials that’s why our Equipment’s are know for their Optimum Durability, Smooth Operation and High Load Capacity.

Filtech International’s APC 100% compliance to the latest environment standard requirements insures you clean working environment with smooth and haste free operation.

Filtech International’s Air Pollution Control System consists of  Bag House Dust Collector, Filter Bags, Filter Cages, Centrifugal Fan and Room Type Hood.

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Features of of Our Smoke Collectors

  • Can easily handle gas volume of 500-600,000 Am³/hr
  • Fully Automates Filtration Operation.
  • Modular, Central and Compact Design
  • Standard design can handle raw gas temperature up to 250°C.
  • We also make custom Dust Collectors for temperature above 250°C.
  • Easy bag filters replacement due to snap band fitting.
  • Safe and Maintenance Free Operation. 

Types of Dust Collectors we Provide

  • Air Pulse Jet Bag House.
  • Reverse Air Bag House.
  • Shaker Bag House
  • Cyclone Bag House.
  • Multi Cyclone Bag House.
  • Cartridge Filters Bag House.
  • Compact Bag House.

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