Coal Gasifier / Coal Gasification System

Filtech international's Coal Gasifier / Coal Gasification System

Now in Pakistan, Filtech International is a pioneer in introducing Gasifier Technology which is another source of gas. No need of LPG and Natural Gas. A new way of burning!

We at Filtech International are happy to introduce you to our product, “Coal Gasifier”. This product has been purchased and used by various Steel Industries and got satisfaction and only positive feedback from all those who have purchased this product.

Our keen knowledge of the steel industry has helped us develop solutions that answer the needs of today’s clients. These solutions allow you to:

  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce operating costs

Gasifier System process:

In Gasifier System Process, the coal is blown through with oxygen and steam (water vapor) while also being heated. The process of heating coal is called “Allothermal”. It is basically reacting coal (which has been heated) with steam to get the Synthetic Fuel Gas (CO, H2, CH4, water vapor (H2O), and CO2).

Environmental advantages:

The problems inherent in coal combustion are well known – from the particulates to the acid rain caused by high-sulfur coal, to mercury pollution, not to mention the CO2 and mountaintop removal mining. Burning coal in any fashion is a dirty process, and trying to remove the pollutants from flue gases is challenging to say the least.

One of the major environmental advantages of coal gasification is the opportunity to remove impurities such as sulfur and mercury and soot before burning the fuel, using readily available chemical engineering processes. In addition, the ash produced is in a vitreous or glass-like state which can be recycled as concrete aggregate, unlike PC plants which generate ash that must be landfilled, potentially contaminating groundwater.

The increased efficiency of the ‘combined cycle’ for electrical power generation results in a 50% decrease in CO2 emissions compared to conventional coal plants. As the technology required developing economical methods of carbon sequestration, the removal of CO2 from combustion by-products to prevent its release to the atmosphere, coal gasification units could be modified to further reduce their climate change impact because a large part of the CO2 generated can be separated from the syngas before combustion.

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Benefits of Coal Gasification System

It can save fuel consumption costs (compared to Diesel Oil, LPG, and Furnace Oil) of about 70-80%

  • Returns very short investment (usage 16 hours/day) around 2-3 months.
  • Easy to operate and not cause a risk/hazard.
  • Not smelly and environmentally friendly.
Two Stage Coal Gasifier
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Chamber diameter(mm)8001000120015001600180020002400260030003200
Hearth active surface(m2)0.50.7851.131.772.012.543.144.525.317.078.04
Suirable fuelweak coherent gas carbon,anotherracite,burnt carbon
Fuel granularity(mm)25-80
Fuel consumption quantitykg/h40-10070-140120-190160-350350-460500-600500-720700-1040850-12001700-20001800-2200
Gasifying agentAir ,steam
Gas yieldNm³/h)140-350245-490420-670560-12001200-16001500-21001750-25002500-36003000-43006000-70006500-7500
Gas calorific valu(Kj/Nm³5020-56705020-6000
Water jacket heating area()
Steam outputkg/h6080130200220260350420600840200
Gas outlet temperature()(400-500)Plants related with the coal(400-500)Plants related with the coal
Gas outlet pressure(Pa)1000980-14701470-1960980-1470
Gas exportation diameter(mm)2193253254264265296307208201020900
Air pressure(Pa)300040003000
Saturated air temperature()50-6050-65
Ashpan rotational speed(r/h)0.177-1.77
Equipment gross weight(t)3.54.557.5102023.429.83237.616
Complete machine power(kw)6667810142020277
Tuyere diameter(mm)108108140165219325325426426426219