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Filtech International's Dust Collector Bags

Filtech International provides all kind of bag filters depending on the requirements of our customers. Whether you need filter bag replacement for Pulse Jet Bag House, Reverse Air Bag House or Shaker Bag House, We can provide it all.

We put all our filter bags through litany of Physical and Chemical tests to ensure they are free from defect, We make custom air filter bags keeping your dust collector in mind and the review process we put our filter bags through ensures that our filter bag fits your filter cages for smooth and hassle free operation.

Our Dust Collector Bags are manufactured from different kinds of available woven and non woven filter media, These different filter medias have different micron rating, tensile strength, air permeability, temperature resistance, bursting strength and weight, which are selected according to your specific needs.

Features and Benefits of Our Filter Bag

  • Better Quality SE Performance.
  • Better Filtration.
  • Low Differential Pressure across the Bag filter
  • Produced under quality control system.
  • Positive Sealing Arrangement with Choice of Materials.
  • High Dirt Holding Capacity.
  • Longer Life Time
  • Easy Maintenance

Selection Chart for Different Filtration Media

Fiber TypeTemperature ResistanceAir PermeabilityWeightBursting Strength
Dura Carbon Blend Anti-Static120~150°C300 I/dm² min at 200 Pa550 gsm27 bar (sample size 50 cm²)
Apex Polyester Needle Felt120~150°C350 I/dm² min at 200 Pa550 gsm27 bar (sample size 50 cm²)
Dura Nomax220~250°C500 I/dm² min at 200 Pa550 gsm11 bar (sample size 50 cm²)
Apex Polyacrylonitrile120~150°C315 I/dm² min at 200 Pa550 gsm27 bar (sample size 50 cm²)
Polypropylene (PP)90~110°CVariable400,540,600 gsmVariable
Polyester (PES)130~170°CVariable350,400,450,500,540,600,640 gsmVariable
Acrylic ( PAN)130°CVariable400,500,540 gsmVariable
Ryton ( PPS)160~200°CVariable500,540 gsmVariable
Polyimide/P84 (PI)200~260°CVariable500,540 gsmVariable
Teflon (PTFE)250~260°CVariable340,400,475,500,540,700,850 gsmVariable
Woven glass fiber~275°CVariable350,400,550,750 gsmVariable

Different Chemical Coatings and Finishes we Provide

  • Anti-Static Conductive Fiber Blend
  • PTFE Membrane
  • PTFE Foam Coating
  • Acrylic Foam Coating
  • Acrylic Anti Static Foam Coat*
  • Anti-Spark Graphite Coating
filter bags selection table 1
bag filters selection chart table 2
Filtech International's Filter Bags/ Bag Filters made in Faisalabad Pakistan

Designs We Provide

  • Snap type ring
  • Collar type
  • Clamp type
  • Cassette type
  • Rope Type
  • Bags for shaker type applications
  • Custom made designs are also available
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