Filtech International's 9-19 series centrifugal ventilation fan

Filtech International’s The 9-19series centrifugal fan can output high gas pressure, suitable for conveying normal or high temperature clean gas/combustible gas/corrosive gas/mixed with a few impurities, light particles/debris/short fiber materials. The most commonly used for forced ventilation, rapid drying, rapid cooling and heat dissipation, cement production line chiller cooling, clinker cooler, circulating fluidized bed system, air purification and industrial waste gas treatment, flue gas desulfurization industrial boilers or incinerators forced draft/ induced draft/ primary/ secondary air, ventilation of large mill system, industrial waste heat recovery device, blasting of smelting furnace and casting furnace, combustion of blast furnace, coal injection of blast furnace, pressurized transportation of gas, Pressurization or decompression sealing of industrial equipment. The 9-08/9-10 series fan is a series of fans that are used in a large number of industrial fields.


Centrifugal fan is widely used in the cement industry, building materials industry, environmental protection industry, metallurgical industry, power industry projects such as large-scale dust collector, industrial boilers, ventilation systems, cooling,etc.

Centrifugal fans applications


Drive, we usually divide the fan into:

Industrial fan ID Fan Structure

In the process of choosing the fan, please select the appropriate fan according to the working conditions.


Series no.

9-19 series

Feature selection




High temperature




Impeller diameter



Rotation speed



Pressure range



Flow range




Blade type



Impeller support

SWSI(Single Width, Single Inlet), DWDI(Double Width, Double Inlet), Overhung type


Lubrication method

Oil bath lubrication, grease lubrication, lubrication oil station

Can be specified

Cooling method

Air cooling, Water cooling, Oil cooling

Can be specified

Driven mode

Direct driven, Coupling driven, Belt driven

Can be specified

Gas composition

Gas temperature


Customer request

Customer request


Customer request


gas characteristic

Clean gas

Corrosive gas

Particulate dust

High temperature gas

Flammable gas, explosive gas


System configuration

Motor brand

Chinese famous brand, ABB, Siemens, WEG etc

Can be specified


High quality carbon steel

FRP, Stainless steel, Rubber Lining

Wear-resistant layer or wear-resistant liner, ceramic patch

High temperature high quality alloy steel

FRP, Aluminum alloy

Can be specified

Air inlet cone

High quality carbon steel

FRP, Stainless steel, Rubber Lining

High quality carbon steel

High quality carbon steel

High quality carbon steel

Can be specified


High quality carbon steel

FRP, Stainless steel, Rubber Lining

High quality carbon steel

High quality carbon steel

High quality carbon steel

Can be specified

Air damper

High quality carbon steel

FRP, Stainless steel, Rubber Lining

High quality carbon steel

High quality carbon steel

High quality carbon steel

Can be specified

Main shaft

High strength carbon steel, Alloy structural steel

Can be specified



Can be specified

Bearing housing

Cast iron


Foundation bolts



Option parts

System base frame, Protective screening, Silencer, Inlet & Outlet flexible connections, Inlet & Outlet counter flange, Air damper, Electric actuator, Shock absorber, Diaphragm coupling, Fluid coupling, Motor rain cover, Temperature sensor, Vibration sensor, Soft starter, Inverter, Special Electrical Motor, System monitoring Instrument.

Product Features

It can output high outgas pressure and can work at higher medium temperature, suitable for any industrial occasion where high pressure & high temperature gas needs to be delivered.


In the case of common base, the installation is very simple and requires little support from a professional technician.


The bearing box is reserved with the temperature and vibration sensor installation position, which can conveniently install the fan operation monitoring device.


When the airflow resistance is increased, the motor load will be automatically reduced and the motor will not be burnt.


Customized design according to customer’s performance requirements, and optimized by CFD technology, the energy consumption is lower than similar models.

The tight fit between the components and the good sealing performance ensure that the output pressure is not reduced.


The impeller is subjected to a high standard of dynamic balance correction to ensure stable operation of the fan.



After the production is completed, after running test and vibration value detection, the operation is reliable.


There are a variety of options to choose from.